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About Me

Traveling all of the world non-stop since the summer of 2013 was not something I expected.  The life of a digital nomad is still relatively new to a majority of the world.  

Growing up I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be living in penthouses in Medellin for 5 months or villas in Bali while working and living a healthy lifestyle.

Let me take you back to what started it all.

For nearly the first 6 years of my life I grew up in England with my brother under the care of our foster parents.  We were blessed to have two amazing people that loved us with all their heart and provided us with everything they possible could even when times got super hard in terms of finances.

A dramatic turn in both my brother and my life happened when my mother wanted to start a new life for us all in Chicago.  We moved to the "Land Of Freedom" with nothing more than the clothes on our back.

Being an immigrant  single mother taking care of two children was a bit of struggle to put it lightly.


Let me not bore you with my whole life story but these tough times, lack of money and opportunity turned my brother into a hustling entrepreneur as early as 10 years old.

Buying candy wholesale and flipping it in school eventually turned into becoming a premier seller on eBay for diet and weight loss products.  My brother quickly grasp the basics of business and unleashed this with the power of the internet.

This allowed him to travel the world while he worked his online business on his laptop.  He started his nonstop travel in 2011 in a trip to Thailand and has not looked back since.

Now you may be wondering why I am talking about my brother so much and what he has to do with Abnormal Fitness, but the fact of the matter is my brother is the one who brought me out to not only to travel with him but more importantly learn how to run a business while doing it.

Now enough of the business talk let's get into how this whole travel fitness aspect came about

I was lucky enough to grow up in the times where kids just wanted to go outside and play basketball, football, baseball, kickball etc.  So I was very active from childhood and this naturally turned into a love for sport.

One advantage I had over most kids I played against was my leaping ability and this skill lead me to becoming a high jumper.  I actually continued track and field up until I graduated from my University in 2013.  

99% of the paid work I do online is Facebook Advertisements.  You know the post you see on your timeline that say "sponsored"

After graduating it was a weird feeling of not being part of a team that lead me to getting into other types of workouts.  

One major problem that I had while traveling was finding a consistent gym to workout in.  At times we would have access to gyms with almost everything I needed and the next we would be staying at hostel with no gym at all.


At first this made want to give the excuse of waiting until I had a consistent place to workout out in then I would go hard with my workouts.  

I quickly came to the realization that this would not be possible if I was going to be traveling the world non stop.  


So I started to take advantage of everything I had around me.

I would workout in





or pretty much any and everywhere I could.

I didn't see many other people or companies doing this type of training so I decided to start Abnormal Fitness where my goal was to show people how to workout anywhere.

As I continued to do my research in fitness I eventually discovered that nutrition was the most important aspect of the whole thing.

At first my nutrition plan was to just try and eat clean.  

This did do me some good but progress was at a snail's pace.

It wasn't until I discovered intermittent fasting when I started to see serious results.


My abs were bulging out of my midsection and I could actually see veins in my legs for the first time  in my life.

Fast forward a few years and I am still continuing to do my research and testing every single day.


I have recently started a private Facebook Group called the "Travel Fitness Community:

If you want to learn how to make money online or more specifically learn the art of Facebook Ads my brother is hosting a Free Online Web Class you can register for here: Online Training Class

This group was created in hopes of people traveling getting to connect with other fellow TFC (Travel Fitness Community) for all types of workouts and tips on the best places to eat in town.


For example say you are headed to London for a week and you have no idea where to workout let alone another person to workout with.  


A person who is either living in London in passing through will meet up with you for a workout.

Other goals of the group are too share:

-Travel Workouts

-Tips on eating healthy while traveling

-Best hotel gyms you've been to

-Parks to workout at

-Best places to eat in certain cities


Join the group here. . . .

Once you're in make sure write a post introducing yourself, where you're currently at where you will be headed in the next month.

Thanks for reading!


Feel free to message me on Facebook I can usually get back to you with a few days.

Just take a picture on snapchat to follow
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