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Abnormal Fitness Book Club

I was never the biggest reader growing up. It's not that I hated, it was just the fact that just as everyone else had to deal with school forced me to read a lot of uninteresting books that I could care less about. As I finished my school days I came to realize the power of the information in so many books around the world.

Some books that I've read have completely changed my mind for the better and I could not help but share this with all of you!

1. Ultimate Cuts - The 7 Secrets To Burning Fat Fast As Hell By: Brandon Carter

This was the first fitness related book that I have read all the way through and it gave me everything I needed to about nutrition, fat loss, and the science behind all the major aspects of your bodies composition. If you are looking to really understand how to burn fat/loose weight or the real truth about nutrition then you must check out this book.

2. Psycho-Cybernetics

By: Maxwell Malitz

Psycho‑Cybernetics is the original text that defined the mind/body connection—the concept that paved the way for most of today’s personal empowerment programs. Turn crises into creative opportunities, dehypnotize yourself from false beliefs, and celebrate new freedom from fear and guilt.

3. The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem

The Six Pillars Of Self-Esteem is essential reading for anyone with a personal or professional interest in self-esteem. The book demonstrates compellingly why self-esteem is basic to psychological health, achievement, personal happiness, and positive relationships

More to come soon!I will continually update this list as soon as I read a really good one hear about one that has helped a lot of people!

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