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How To Travel Full Time

Now I know not everybody reading this wants to be traveling the world non stop but I highly doubt there is anyone that wouldn’t want the freedom to pack their bags and head wherever they wanted around the world at any time.

Before I even talk about how to do this I want you to understand I’m not one of those gurus saying I have this “One Weird Trick” that will make you millions while I show off some fancy cars and 24 carat gold toilet seat.

If you like to keep your money like me instead of throwing it away then you need to be using Ebates. Ebates is site where you earn cash back on your purchases such as Amazon, Ebay, Groupon etc. It’s pretty much free money lol. You can learn more about it here ->>

So anytime I'm booking a flight and or hotel room I will use Expedia as my first choice. I will also look on Skyscanner, Momondo, Google Flights Kayak etc but most of the time Expedia has the best deals or prices that are pretty much the exact same as those other sites.

Now when I book through Expedia I'm not only getting my Expedia points which you can use for free flights, hotels, packages etc but I'm also getting up to 10% cash back using Ebates.

I recently booked this place in Bali for two nights and after taxes and all of the fees it ended up being around $60 and I get my Expedia points and $3 cash back from Ebates.​

It may not seem like a lot but, it's $3 more by doing absolutely nothing and that can definitely add up real quick when you're traveling a lot!

Now where the real money is made with Ebates is when you start to sign people up to use it aka when you become an affiliate.

This is the current promotion that Ebates is running.

So that means that every-time that you get a friend, family member, or even a complete stranger to sign up and save $10 on their online purchase over $25 you get $25.

And this is not store credit or points towards anything it’s actual cash that you can have sent by check or deposited into your PayPal account!

There’s no reason you can’t get 10 people you know to sign up and save some money when they’re shopping online.

For my people that have a big following or are looking to make this into a business there is even better news for you.

The more people you sign up for Ebates the more you will make and they have bonuses that you get when you hit certain numbers.

This is how the payout looks currently.

So as you can see if you sign up and have just 100 people spend $25 through Ebates then you will earn $2000!

If you have a certain audience that's into makeup, travel, pets, jewelry, fashion, electronic etc you can really help them out by showing them this amazing tool.

The magical thing about this is that you are really helping people out by saving money and also giving them the chance to earn even more cash by signing people up to do the same!

Sign up for Ebates here -

And who doesn't like saving money. . . . . I know I do!

I’m actually still using my brother's OSprey backpack which he used to travel to Thailand with in 2011!

Although I could easily buy a new backpack/luggage I feel like if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

At times you may catch me with a camera in my hand in Italy.

Maybe with guys with guns in Panama

Getting some ink from a monk in Thailand

Maybe with a nice view in Colombia

Or maybe just chillin out

The only way you will be able to travel at your leisure is if you have the finances to do so. Not only that but you have to be able to manage your business/work while you are not there a.k.a being mobile.

Traveling is something that has become such a norm in my life thanks to my brother Jubril.

My brother actually started Passport Heavy, which is a brand where we give in depth guides to all different places around the world.

We like to be honest with our videos so if something is boring we will tell you, if something is over hyped in our opinion we will tell you!!

Check out this video we did breaking down Bali, Indonesia Vs Miami

He has taught me skills that I will forever cherish and be grateful for, as long as I live. The most important skill when it comes to financial freedom is marketing and more specifically for this day in age Facebook Marketing.

While knowing the ins and outs of Facebook’s platform, using ppc, dissecting targeted audiences are essential for all marketers the most important thing he taught me is to provide value. I am telling you this because I know as you are reading this right now you're thinking “That’s good for you buddy, but what is that going to do for me?” Well my brother breaks down how he helped our 24 year old friend & business partner Jon Penberthy generate over $900,00 online using Facebook & Instagram Ads. He does this on a free Online Training Class.

It’s free to register just go to the link and the details will be on there. Register here --->

I could breakdown all I know about Facebook Ads in the post but it would just waste your time and mine if I didn't send you straight to the source of this information.

Now if you are currently in a position where your struggling to eat everyday and or you don’t even have a few hundred dollars in your bank account then I wouldn’t even waste your time by telling you to go this website.

I was in this position for most of my life growing up and I know how to appreciate everything that I have now. With that being said there are ways to make money online without having much to start with.

If there is only one thing that you walk away with after reading this then I hope that it would be this. You have to have a skill that you do better than most people.

This skill can be anything from marketing, graphic design, personal training, yoga, dog training, shoe polishing, literally anything, as long as it's something that you can either teach through a course or be able to provide your services online.

Once you have this skill the sky is the limit for what you will be able to do with your business and how far you will take it.

My really good friends Nate & Hannah having been traveling around the world for some years now while testing out many different methods of bringing in money while on their travels. I’ve actually meet up and or lived with Nate in Bali, Mexico, London, Colombia, and did a whole Euro Trip with him in 2014.

Nate actually put a blog out called “21 Ways To Travel Work & Travel”

He breaks down 21 interesting and very doable ways to work while you travel.

I am sure that Nate’s blog post along with my brothers Online Class will give you more than enough ideas to get started to generating an income online so you have the freedom to travel whenever you want

If not feel free to send me a message on Facebook.

Thanks for reading. Please share this with anyone you think would find this helpful.

Fuad :)

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