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How To Workout While Traveling

When most people hear travel they think of relaxing and lounging around. Not to say that I don’t do a lot of that I just think it’s the best time to get out explore, learn, and dive into whatever comes your way.

I would say from experience and hearing from what other people have said that time is the biggest issue when it comes to working out. I actually did a full video on this topic you can watch here. . . . .

Basically what I’m saying in this video is that you have to make it important enough in your life for it to become a habit. The same way that you eat, sleep, and scroll on Facebook on the daily your workouts should be just as commonality in your daily routine.

Now when it comes to where to workout and the types of workouts to do, that gets a bit more tricky when you're on the road. I know time, resources, and space can be limited and change every single day depending on where you're staying, what climate you're in, and what you're doing in these different places. The fun with this is that you can try out a bunch of different things when you're in different places. For example you can. . . . .

Do yoga in Bocas Del Toro Panama

Muy Thai in Cannes, France

at Venice BeachCalisthenics

Pullups @ a boat party in Indonesia

There are always a bunch of different ways to get a good workout in and you don't always need a gym to do so. So here are a few workouts you can do. . . . .

In the hills

At an outdoor gym

At a pool

On a rooftop

In a hostel

In your bed

These are just a few ways that you can get a good workout in many different environments. Now I know for the most part you want to be able to do your workouts either in your room, or hotel/apartment gym if that available.

If you're not using AirBnB yet, you better not book another accommodation until you check it out! This place in Bali was just a few hundred a night for 6 bedroom, full time staff, security & more.

This is especially useful when you're traveling with groups, you can get amazingly dope penthouses, and villas for the same or sometimes even cheaper prices than hotel rooms when you are booking as a group.

If you sign up through this link below you get $40 off your first trip and I get credit as well :)

The reason I am talking about working out inside or just out of the eye of public is because I know it personally was a fear or mine to be seen working out in front of other people. It may not seem that way when you see all of the videos I’m posting now working out with a bunch of different people all over but it was something that I had to get over.

Growing up in school being picked on for how my body looked was not the most fun thing in the world to go through and neither was struggling to bench press the bar when everyone else around you is pushing a lot more weight.

While on my travels it was the first time where I really wanted to dive deep into fitness nutrition and everything I could about the human body. I was not that really into books and just didn't have the patience back then so I would just go on Youtube and search all of my questions.

The single biggest influence in my fitness career has to go to Brandon Carter. I discovered Brandon when I would search certain questions on YouTube such as “How To Build Muscle” “Best Foods To Eat To Bulk” etc. He would continue to pop up whenever I needed an answer with anything that came to fitness.

The first book I ever read from Brandon was Ultimate Cuts & I was blown away by the information and how real he kept it in the book. He not only broke down exactly what you need to do to burn fat but why and different ways you can go about it.

He is actually offering this book now for free and you can grab it here

You can also check out a bunch of free workouts on his Youtube channel.

Not only did Brandon teach me about workouts but he also taught me about the single most important factor when it comes to either losing weight/fat or building muscle and that is nutrition. Nutrition is by far the number 1 way to see serious change in your body.

Now nutrition can get tricky when you're on the road and have no idea what types of foods they have in the city you are in. The best thing to do in my opinion is to have some set recipes or meals that you can make or get in pretty much any place that you go.

These are a few of my staples when I’m traveling and have a kitchen which most Airbnb’s do

Chicken & tuna steak with bell peppers and rice

Chicken & potatoes with mixed vegetables

Pretty much everybody knows that you should be eating healthy in order to lose weight and or build muscle, but what everybody does not know is about caloric deficit and caloric surplus.

So calories are basically the amount of energy that we get from different food (I know there is a lot more to it then that but in a nutshell that’s what it is). So when are bodies have more energy (calories) that is needs the body will store this energy (calories) which ends up being pounds on the scale which is being in a caloric surplus. When the body has less energy(calories) than it needs that it will be taking these calories from fat stores & or muscle which is being in a caloric deficit.

If this is new for you then I know all of this a lot to process. What could be even more frustrating is how to figure out exactly how many calories you are eating a day and what to eat. Now you can go about this the long way and use apps like My Fitness Pal and track all of your food and just hope that is some what accurate and try to key in all of your daily activities. Or you can get a Custom Meal Plan where everything is done for you according to you age, height, weight, activity level, types of food you're like/don’t like and more.

If you want to find out more about this check out the page by my mentor Brandon Carter where he breaks this all down for you.

With that being said please do not shy away from trying some amazing food in all of unique places that you will be traveling to. All that matters is that for a majority of the time you are doing right by your body. What you do once in awhile will not have a real effect on you. This could be good or bad depending on what choices you make.

Now the only thing left to do to get you prepared for your travel workouts if your motivation. It’s a different type of animal when you are not in a routine and things are changing constantly around you. Sometimes you may have to wake up early in the morning and getting in some sprints before you go sight seeing in, or maybe you have to do some pushups in your room while you friends are pregaming before the big night out.

This was me after a workout in Bali during a huge hangover lol

It’s up to you how important these workouts and your nutrition is for you and your health.

Abnormal Fitness

Abnormal Fitness

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