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Pai Thailand Pool Workout

Before I get into the workout let me talk about this place called Pai it's in the northern part of Thailand and has some the dopest views and adventures activities to do and see in Asia ️ More videos will be coming for sure giving a full run down of the place from my experience

So for this workout we are situated pool side which is one of my favorite places to get a pump because right after you can just chill in the water 🏿‍♂️

BTW I was staying at this place for $18 USD a night and got cash back using Ebates :) (which is a site that gives you cash back on most major online store) you can get $10 towards your first purchase and I also get a referral bonus ;) check it out here --> For the workout you will be doing each move until failure then moving on the next. Rest 30 Seconds Between Sets Repeat 3-5 Times -Regular Dips -Wide Dips -Narrow Dips -Pool Glides -Pool Glide Kick Out -Scissor Kicks

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