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How To Build Muscle While Traveling (Park Workout)

Working out in the park here in Cinta Costera which is in the vibrant city of Panama City, Panama 🇵🇦 has been super dope🤙🏿. Getting these calisthenics workouts in with @antcreative every other day or so out here is feeling good It can get so boring doing the same thing over and over in a gym with limited equipment and it just feels so good to be outside in this amazing weather! Where have you been getting your workouts in lately? ️️️⛰️

-Pull Ups Or Chin Ups until failure

Followed by

-Dips Until Failure


Drop Set of Max Pull Ups/Chin Ups Until Failure Drop-set with same number of dips


Example Set

10 Pull Ups - 10 Dips

9 Pull Ups - 9 Dips

8 Pull Ups - 8 Dips

7 Pull Ups - 7 Dips

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